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The Personal Shopper Concept came up in the 80’s in NYC and emerged with the aim to cover the needs of the busy and chic Manhattan businesswomen, and of course the ones of the celebrities looking for the most exclusive outfits to shine in the red carpet.

Following this trend, in 2007 we established YOURPERSONALSHOPPER, with the same passion for the fashion industry and retail that some of our ancestors had, and that they have been capable to pass on from generation to generation.

In YOURPERSONALSHOPPER we give advise about personal image, dressing, accessories, style and social behavior to these clients who have no time or have doubts about what is best for their social and professional life.

Our exclusive and personalized services include:

Personal Shopper Barcelona
• Chic & Fashion
• Deluxe Experience
• Grand Class Experience
• Barcelona Shopping Tour
• Personalized Gift Vouchers
• Image and protocol seminars and workshops

Regala Personal Shopper

Regala Personal Shopper

"Style is an innate ability to communicate your personal identity through what you wear
(Dries Van Noten)

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Personal Shopper
Personal Shopper
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